Cab Pack Bundle 1: Produced by FAS (1,2,4,5,6)
Cab Pack Bundle 1 - Produced by FAS
List Price: $150.00
Download Price $99.99



This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product.

IMPORTANT: Cab Packs are not compatible with Axe-Fx Ultra or Standard. UltraRes Cab Packs require an Axe-Fx II running firmware version 13 or newer. There are NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on digital downloads.

Five Cab Packs in One (1,2,4,5,6)

Cab Pack Bundle 1: "Produced by FAS" contains five individual cab packs for one low price. This is an unabridged collection. You get all of the same cab and mic options as if you had purchased these five Cab Packs individually. (Cab Packs Three and Seven are not included in this bundle because they were produced by 3rd parties.) Here's a look at all that's included in this incredible collection:


  • Cab Pack 1: Wellspring Sound
    • 4x10 ‘59 Bassguy Tweed
    • 1x12 ‘63 Vibrato Lux Brownface
    • 2x12 ‘63 Class-A Non TB 30W (Jensen Blues)
    • 1x10 ‘66 Prince Tone Black Reverb
    • 2x10 ‘66 Vibrato Lux Reverb (Mojos)
    • 4x10 ‘67 Super Verb
    • 1x12 ‘68 Deluxe Verb
    • 1x10 ‘68 Prince Tone Silver
    • 2x12 ‘68 Dual Verb (Jensens)
    • 4x12 ‘72 Basketweave w. Greenbacks
    • 1x12 Class-A 15W
    • 1x12 Hot Kitty
    • 1x12 Division 13
    • 1x15 Hamilton-Kolby Pro-15R (Weber Ferromax)
    • 2x10 Hamilton-Kolby Tweed SPR-210 (Weber Sig-10S)
    • 1x12 Deluxe Tweed (Celestions)
  • Cab Pack 2: Mad Oak Studio
    • 4x12 Cali Lead 80s ("Cliff's Boogie")
    • 4x12 Rumble "Thiele" Cab (with EV12S and EV12L in an X pattern, both captured)
    • 4x12 Late 60s Basketweave 1960-AX
    • 4x12 Early 70s Basketweave 1960-TV
    • 3x10 Vibrato King
    • 1x12 Junior Blues
    • 1x8 Champlifier Blackface
    • 1x8 Vibrato Champlifier
    • 2x12 Pro Verb
    • 2x12 Supremo
    • 1x15 Empire Ported Pine Cab
    • 2x12 '64 Class-A TB 30W (Jensen Silvers)
    • 1x12 Hawaii
    • 1x10 Pro Jr.
    • 1x10 Prince Tone Verb
    • 1x12 Class-A 20W Dlx
    • 1x12 Nuclear Tone (+7 Mics on the REAR of the amp)
    • 2x12 Boutique
    • 1x12 Scumtone 65W (Detuned Tone Tools Cab)
    • 2x12 SV Legend (aka "Cali Leggy")
    • 4x12 Brit 800
    • 4x12 G12 65W ('70s British 4x12")
  • Cab Pack 4: Universal Noise Storage - UltraRes
    • 1x8 Champlifier
    • 1x12 AC-20
    • 1x12 Roamer
    • 1x12 TweedVerb
    • 2x12 Class A
    • 2x12 Double Verb
    • 4x12 Cali
  • Cab Pack 5: The UltraRes 4x12 Collection
    • 4x12 5153, Based on 5150III® 4x12 Straight Cabinet
    • 4x12 Citrus, Based on an Orange™ PPC412
    • 4x12 Lerxst, Based on a Mojotone Lerxt 4x12 (Greenbacks)
    • 4x12 Mills, Based on a Mills™ Afterburner 4x12
    • 4x12 Recto, Based on a vintage Mesa™ Rectifier
    • 4x12 Recto New, Based on a Mesa™ Standard Rectifier
    • 4x12 TV, Based on a Marshall™ 1960TV
    • 4x12 Uber, Based on a Bogner™ Uberkab™
    • 4x12 Broderick 5153, Based on 5150III®
    • 1x4 Pig
    • 1x12 TripTik
  • Cab Pack 6: Cabs in the Attic - UltraRes™
    • 1x12 Allesandro
    • 1x15 Buttery
    • 2x12 3 Monkeys
    • 2x12 Class-A
    • 2x12 Division-13
    • 1x6 Dan-O
    • 1x8 Dan-O
    • 4x10 Sorcerer
    • 4x12 3 Monkeys
    • 4x12 1960A 300W
    • 4x12 Beatle
    • 4x12 Class-A
    • 4x12 Pre-Rola GB
    • 4x12 Sorcerer