Cab Pack 1: Wellspring Sound
Fractal Audio Systems - Cab Pack One - WELLSPRING - IR Pack for the Axe-Fx II
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Add New Sounds to your Axe-Fx II, Ultra or Standard.

Cab Pack Vol 1: Wellspring Sound is a collection of over 200 user cab files for the Axe-Fx II, Axe-Fx Ultra or Standard, or AX8. User cab files may be easily uploaded to your Axe-Fx II or AX8 using Fractal-Bot, or to the Ultra/Standard with any MIDI SysEx file player.

Axe-Fx II Firmware 10 included a collection of new built-in "Factory Cabs", created through a different approach than previous offerings. Instead of capturing elements for later remix, we asked studio owners with incredible vintage gear collections to give us their best shot the mics/positions/preamps they would use for the discriminating player. Instead of strict mechanical positioning, mics were placed from experience and blended by ear.

For each guitar cab, we captured the producer's Mix, and these became the new Factory cabs included with firmware 10. In addition to those mixes, however, these sessions produced a great number of additional IRs, now offered here. These include captures of every individual mic in each mix, plus others which were initially set up but then muted. Together these IRs give you a palette of tones captured from the incredible cabs in the Wellspring collection (plus a few amps we carried with us to the studio).

Here's what's included in Cab Pack One:

  • 4x10 ‘59 Bassguy Tweed
  • 1x12 ‘63 Vibrato Lux Brownface
  • 2x12 ‘63 Class-A Non TB 30W (Jensen Blues)
  • 1x10 ‘66 Prince Tone Black Reverb
  • 2x10 ‘66 Vibrato Lux Reverb (Mojos)
  • 4x10 ‘67 Super Verb
  • 1x12 ‘68 Deluxe Verb
  • 1x10 ‘68 Prince Tone Silver
  • 2x12 ‘68 Dual Verb (Jensens)
  • 4x12 ‘72 Basketweave w. Greenbacks
  • 1x12 Class-A 15W
  • 1x12 Hot Kitty
  • 1x12 Division 13
  • 1x15 Hamilton-Kolby Pro-15R (Weber Ferromax)
  • 2x10 Hamilton-Kolby Tweed SPR-210 (Weber Sig-10S)
  • 1x12 Deluxe Tweed (Celestions)
  • Four Individual Mics on Each Cab, (Shure SM57, Royer 121, Sennheiser MD421, Shure KSM32) each through three different preamps: Neve 1070, Fearn VT-2, Massenburg GML8304, plus a few farfield IRs captured through an Earthworks TC30.

    Plus two Alternate Mix IRs for each cab, one each through a Fearn and Massenberg preamps. (Factory IR Mixes were captured through the Neve signal path.)

    Any IRs which were used as factory cabs are also INCLUDED in this collection for reference. Note that all of the bass cabs we captured during this session are already included as factory cabs.)

    The Wellspring Sessions were produced by Eric Kilburn and Fractal Audio Systems and engineered by Rob Marchione.