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Cab Pack - OwnHammer 412 MAR Green Vintage - UltraRes Cab Pack for the Axe-Fx II, AX8, and Cab-Lab.
Cab Pack 3: OwnHammer UltraRes
Download Price $99.99
Cab Pack: OwnHammer 412 MAR "Green Vintage" - UltraRes™ is the first in a new series of "PLAYER PACKS" by OwnHammer, who also created some of the Factory Cabs in the Axe-Fx II. 412 MAR "Green Vintage" includes 80 Impulses based on a 1970’s Marshall™ 1960B closed back 4x12. The cab was re-loaded with four different types of speakers for four different sets of captures.
  • 1x12 Deluxe
  • 2x12 Openback "Shiver"
  • 4x12 Brit "Checkerboard" 1960b
  • Each loaded with a range of
    vintage and modern speakers
  • Each speaker captured with
    a variety of microphones.
  • Plus "Mix" IRs.
  • All in UltraRes™