MFC-101 Midi Foot Controller MkIII
MFC-101 Mark II - MIDI Foot Controller
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MFC WaitlistThe MFC-101 is temporarily out of stock. If you would like to be notified when it is available again, please email with the subject "Wait List Request - MFC-101". We expect availability during early May.

The MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller is is designed to be the perfect controller for the Axe-Fx II (II/Mark 2, XL, XL+) and Axe-Fx original (Standard Ultra) as well as any other MIDI device. It puts powerful remote control capabilities at your feet with the ability to select presets, turn effects on and off, tap tempo, and much more. Connect up to four expression pedals to control effects like wah, volume, whammy and more, and four external switches for even more control options. This rugged, road-ready pedalboard works great to control other MIDI devices as well. The MFC Mark III is equipped with the full complement of ports: MIDI, Ethernet/EtherCon, and FASLINK. If your Axe-Fx II does not have FASLINK ports, you can find FASLINK adapters right here at

Axe-Fx II XL+ Preamp/FX Processor XA-1 FASLINK Adapter MFC-Edit - Editor for the MFC-101 EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal
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Axe-Fx II XL+ Preamp Effects Processor (Front Panel) XA-1 FASLINK Adapter MFC-Edit - Editor for the MFC-101 EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal
TRS-to-TRS Expression Pedal / Relay Cable
Direct Price: $19.99
TRS-to-TRS Expression Pedal / Relay Cable