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MFC-101 Mark II - MIDI Foot Controller MFC-Edit - Editor for the MFC-101
MFC-101 Midi Foot Controller MkIII
List Price: $799.95 See Below
Direct Price $649.99
MFC-Edit - Editor for the MFC-101
List Price: $39.95
Download Price $29.99
The MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller is the perfect foot controller for your Axe-Fx. It puts powerful remote control capabilities at your feet with the ability to select presets, turn effects on and off, tap tempo, and much more. The Mark III has our new FASLINKā„¢ connector, plus the EtherCON and MIDI ports found on earlier models.

MFC-EDIT allows you to edit MFC-101 SysEx dumps. It provides access to every function of the MFC-101 with the convenience of on-screen editing.