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Product Questions
Is there a waiting list for the Axe-Fx II?
  Sorry to redirect, but we now use the product page itself to communicate stock status. Click product you are interested in for more information.
Where can I hear or try the Axe-Fx II?
  Fractal Audio Systems sells the Axe-Fx II direct to customers in the US and Canada. Although we have no stores or showrooms, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee. This allows you to buy the unit, try it in the comfort of your studio or home, and decide for yourself. (Customers tell us they much prefer this method to the typical visit to a noisy music store). Should you decide for any reason that the Axe-Fx II is not right for you, contact us for an RMA within 15 days of receipt and we will accept your return and issue a refund of the purchase price (minus shipping costs).
Where can I learn more about your products?
There are many ways to learn more about our products.
  1. Visit our main web site at
  2. Visit our forum at, where Axe-Fx fans (and the occaisional rock star) meet to discuss all things Fractal. Hear from other owners, ask or answer questions, or check out the latest recordings and videos by other owners.
  3. Download the owner's manual for the product you are interested in from the support page of our web site.
  4. Contact pre-sales support at