Cab Pack 6: Cabs in the Attic UltraRes
Fractal Audio Systems - Cab Pack 6 - Cabs in the Attic - UltraRes IR Pack for the Axe-Fx II
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This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product.

IMPORTANT: Cab Pack 6 requires an Axe-Fx II running firmware version 13 or newer or AX8. It is not compatible with Axe-Fx Ultra or Standard. There are NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on digital downloads.

Add new sounds to your Axe-Fx II with Cabs in the Attic!

Cab Pack 6: Cabs in the Attic - in UltraRes™ contains over 290 user cab files produced in by Fractal Audio Systems, Trace Foster, and John Shipp and engineered by John Shipp at Vindaloo Music. The collection includes IRs of multiple speakers, each with multiple different microphones placed individually. Cabs in this pack are from the phenomenal collection of one of rock’s all-time most-celebrated bands, and some were even used on their classic recordings and live performances. The name of the pack is a play on the title of a classic album, but also appropriate since the cabs are stored in a loft above the studio. That loft was a veritable museum of great tone.

The collection includes fourteen speaker cabs each shot with multiple individual mics in carefully selected positions. Cabs may be easily uploaded to your Axe-Fx II or AX8 using Fractal-Bot or Axe-Edit (available at, or Cab-Lab. This pack also includes high resolution .IR files required to create your own original multi-mic UltraRes mixes in Cab-Lab. Please remember: It is illegal to share Cab Mixes containing these or any commercial IRs.

Here's what's included in Cab Pack 6:


  • 1x12 Allesandro – An amazing little powerhouse in a gorgeous birch cab. V30.
  • 1x15 Buttery – Twin-like... with a single “Phat 15” speaker
  • 2x12 3 Monkeys – A unique trapezoidal cab with great sound. V30s.
  • 2x12 Class-A – Custom made British 2x12 with “Vintage25s”
  • 2x12 Division-13 – Cool sound from a G12H30 and a Blue 15W.
  • 1x6 Dan-O, 1x8 Dan-O – Small speakers in tiny amps still make big sounds!
  • 4x10 Sorcerer – Custom built 4x10 with 70W Gold speakers.
  • 4x12 3 Monkeys – Cool sounding. Hot looking. V30s
  • 4x12 1960A 300W – Take a classic British “slant” cab and pack it with 300W M-121-8 speakers…
  • 4x12 Beatle – A great sounding V4141, said to have been used by “The Knack” to record their biggest hit. G12M25s.
  • 4x12 Class-A – Custom 4x12 with Blue 15s.
  • 4x12 Pre-Rola GB – 1965 “straight” cab. Greenbacks like they just don’t make ‘em anymore.
  • 4x12 Sorcerer – Loaded with M121-8-300W.


We used multiple individual microphones on each speaker cab, starting in a classic position near the edge of the dust cap and then finding various sweet spots. Variations in this pack are indicated simply with letters – A, B, C, etc., except for “BACK” (the other side of the cab) and “REV” (the other side of the mic). We used vintage Neve preamps and a Matrix power amp.

  • ADK Area 51-TT™
  • AKG™ C414
  • Shure™ SM57
  • Royer™ R121 (“Rev” indicates the back of the mic.)
  • Sennheiser™ e906
  • Beyerdynamic™ M160 (used on only a few cabs)
  • Sennheiser™ MD421

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