ML Bass Player UltraRes Cab Pack Bundle
ML Bass UltraRes Cab Pack Bundle
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IMPORTANT: Cab Packs require an Axe-Fx II, AX8, or the CAB-LAB 3 plugin. This pack is not compatible with Axe-Fx Ultra or Standard. There are NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on Cab Packs.

The ML Bass UltraRes™ Cab Pack Bundle includes two full cab packs previously sold separately. These packs contain the best of BASS guitar tones from the many releases of ML Sound Lab. 191 IRs in all! It includes:

  1. ML USA Bass is based on a Mesa™ Standard PowerHouse PH 1000 cabinet with Eminence™ 1x15 and 4x10 speakers & HF Horn
  2. Cab Pack 11 - ML SV Bass 4x10, based on an Ampeg™ 4x10 SVT™ 410 bass cab
Microphones used include:
  • Shure™ SM57
  • Shure™ Beta 52A
  • Royer™ R121
  • Sennheiser™ e906
  • Sennheiser™ MD421
  • Beyerdynamic™ M160
  • Subkick Microphone
These Cab Packs were produced and engineered by Mikko Logrén of ML Sound Lab.
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