Axe-Fx III Preamp/FX Processor

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The Axe-Fx III is the latest in our line of the worlds most powerful all-in-one processors for guitar, bass, and other instruments. This new model offers our latest "Ares" amp modeling technology, thousands of UltraRes speaker cab simulations, and state-of-the-art effect algorithms, all backed with more raw power and feature upgrades than any Fractal Audio product before. Our vision was to take the Axe-Fx to a whole new level: to create a totally redesigned platform that sounds better, does more, and is easier to use. Equipped with four processors, the Axe-Fx III contains more raw processing power than any guitar product ever made, by far.

The hardware of the Axe-Fx III was designed around a streamlined new workflow. The centerpiece is a dazzling new high-contrast full-color display with 30x the resolution of previous products. This display works alongside five new endless-rotary push encoders. These push-knobs do different things on different pages, with labels to show dynamic functions. The end result is a user experience thats immediately more intuitive. The display also excels at animation for meters, modifiers, and more.

Better sound quality has been achieved through an audiophile-grade signal path. The difference shines through in lower noise floor, pristine clarity, and better USB audio performance than most dedicated audio interfaces. Computer audio integration now includes a professional-quality 24-bit/48k 88 interface. Record multiple tracks of processed audio at the same time, plus a DI. The re-amping workflow is improved with independent monitoring of backing tracks and re-processed guitar tones while you dial in a sound.Physically, the Axe-Fx III continues our tradition of combining extraordinary design with manufacturing quality rugged enough to withstand the rigors of life on the road. The unit is housed in a steel enclosure with a one-piece anodized aluminum faceplate/bezel featuring a glowing Axe-Fx III logo.

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    AMAZING piece of gear

    Posted by Brian Coonan on 9th Jun 2020

    Several years ago I purchased the AX8. I had many modelers prior to that and Fractal was my last ditch effort at seeing if ANYONE could actually make a good modeler. I was absolutely blown away. I'm not talking minor improvements to what was out there - the AX8 was light years beyond anything I had tried.

    So then, the Axe FX III comes out and my thinking was while I wanted it - I didn't really NEED it. I just play in cover bands generally and record at home but what was appealing to me was the improved I/O section. I thought the modeling, even though it was touted as improved from the AX8, couldn't really be that much better. I was wrong.

    From the second I plugged in and started playing through the factory presets, I could instantly tell the feel, tone, responsiveness - everything about it had been improved from the AX8 which was surprising to me. Up to that point, the AX8 had been hands down the single most inspiring piece of equipment I had ever purchased - it made me want to play more (like 24x7 pretty much). Now with the Axe Fx III, after owning it for 8 mos or so I would say it has surpassed my expectations, and also taken over the title of "Most Inspiring Piece of Gear" from the AX8. I now want to play 30/7, if only that were possible :)

    The amps and cabs that are available are astounding - even just setting up a chain with an amp and cab and nothing else - you can hear and feel it. Add in the amazing effects built in to the box and you can do anything you think of doing or create any sound you want to create. I had played tube amps for years - when I decided to switch to Fractal what I gained was better reliability, more consistency in sound, more control over my sound, easier set up and tear down, more consistency to the FoH (which literally every show, I've been told how much THAT was appreciated!), and the ability to hit a button and change my whole rig (no more tap dancing!).

    The initial reason I looked at it - for more flexible routing options provided exactly that. Being able to use it as a recording interface was a welcome feature for sure.

    I could probably go on and on - but what I will say is people use Fractal for a reason and in my opinion, it's because they want to use the best modeler available.

    Add in the fact that the customer service is probably the best I've ever experienced from any company - you will see the Fractal team from the designer and owner on down on the Forum helping people when they have questions.

    If you're on the fence about switching to modeling and considering the III - make the investment - you will be blown away.

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    Mind blowing

    Posted by Lee Laird on 5th Jun 2020

    I love the AxeFXIII so much, that I bought a spare! Seriously, the tone, flexibility, and continued upgrades blow any other product out of the water! I still own my original Mesa Boogie II-C, and I can easily obtain this tone and feel, and that just uses one of eight scenes, in one preset. It is truly the end-all for amp or amp+cab tones, and then there is the world-class effects! Add in the FC-6 or FC-12, and you’ll also have powerful integrated control onstage or at your desk. This is truly the kind of purchase, where looking back at it in 10 years, you’ll pat yourself on the back and smile!

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    Incredible Top to Bottom

    Posted by Kevin Neill on 19th May 2020

    Axe FX 3 is simply the best guitar related purchase I’ve ever made in over 45 years of playing. I’ve owned some great amps over the years, some great effects and several other modellers. There’s really nothing quite like the Axe FX 3, the tone, feel and dynamics, it’s like playing an actual amp. Except that you can do things that are impossible with just a guitar amp. Further, the Fractal teams endless pursuit for perfection means that the Axe FX 3 you buy today will just keep getting better as time goes on. They’re continually improving what’s already there and adding new features and functions. It’s the ultimate tool for gigging and recording but more importantly, it’s just so much fun!!!

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    Axe FX III

    Posted by Steven Lewis on 13th May 2020

    I would recommend this to any and all guitarists that want a wide array of professional quality sounds, with the possibility of endless experimentation. I especially recommend to artists who can't play music too loud in their living environment. I haven't traveled with it yet, but I imagine it allows for an artist/band to travel lightly. It's a huge improvement over the Axe FX II, which I had owned for a short period of time. That's no knock on the II, but the III is that amazing. It does have some limitations that reveal it to be digital, but that does not detract from the sound, just makes it different.

    The sound is amazing, much more realistic than the II, and I imagine with future updates the sound will only be that much more lush. The navigation on the hardware unit itself is also improved over the II, however it's still much simpler to navigate via Axe Edit if your working with your computer.

    The unit is expensive, so be clear with your intentions if you decide to purchase. If you have the money, then it's a no brainer, however if your tight on cash then you can still achieve amazing sounds via a used tube amp and a SM57 running into an audio interface. As far as comparable digital modelers, nothing out there sounds close in quality.

    If you love playing guitar, then you will love the Axe FX III and where it can take your sound. Beyond the electric guitar this unit can be used for any instrument. It could be the only unit you need for music production, replacing plugins, audio interfaces, amps, etc. The sound is that amazing. Thank you Fractal Audio!

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    Axe FX III

    Posted by Steven Lewis on 9th May 2020

    This tool is amazing. "Fractal Audio" sums up the potential sound this can achieve. So many possibilities, but even if you don't tweak, the presets are amazing out the gate. The sounds are richer than the Axe FX II and sound more so with each update. The new interface is a lot funner to navigate though the Axe Edit still works fine. Perfect for home recording and live performances, you can now record multiple instruments at once. The Axe FX III is worth every penny. It is the standard for modern guitarists. If you take your guitar playing seriously and would appreciate the amount of sounds in a compact form and a tool that allows you to shred in the quiet of your home without disturbing the neighbors, then this is perfect.

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    Axe FX III

    Posted by Ven on 9th May 2020

    So many beautiful sounds. The textures are richer than the II. The user interface is much easier to navigate though you still have the awesome Axe Edit to utilize. I love this tool and it was worth every penny. I had never owned a great amp and had spent many years without one, period, largely playing unplugged with acoustic and electric. I owned the Axe FX II for a year but had to sell it during some tough times. So obtaining the III was that much better. I'm not bad just strings and me, but with all the sonic possibilities you can expand your self expression to limitless dimensions. If you are seeking a one stop source for all your guitar sounds then this is it. Perfect for the musician working from home or going on the road. Thank you Fractal Audio, this is truly a powerful device.

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    Buy one and never look back ...

    Posted by DennisNV on 8th May 2020

    Why spend thousands of dollars on a tube amplifier when you can spend twenty-five hundred dollars on an Axe-Fx III and get a "laundry list" of great tube amplifiers and more; much more. Anyone who says the Axe-Fx III doesn't compare with an "amp in the room" isn't pairing it with the right equipment. The Axe-Fx III checks all the important boxes: eliminate high gain fizz - done; gain structure analysis and control - done; delay and reverb tail spill over - done; seamless signal chain switching - done; cabinet impulse responses - done; flexible signal chain routing - done; many exquisite and complimentary effects - done; full featured computer interface - done; world class support - done. If ever there were a "no brainer" for the modern guitarist the Axe-Fx III is it. Seriously, whether for studio or stage, sell all of your tube amps and cabinets then use the money to buy an Axe-Fx III and some good quality powered speakers and never look back ...

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    AVE - FX III

    Posted by Wade Brandimore on 8th May 2020

    This unit has exceeded all expectations i had. Great tone, Great UI, Great editor ! Support from Fractal has been 1st class, and the forum is an incredible resource. Most of all GREAT TONE!!

  • 5

    Posted by Kayne on 12th Apr 2020

    If it’s not the best guitar sound you ever heard your not using it properly.