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NOTE: As of November, 2022, Cab-Lab 3 is no longer available. A new version will be announced soon.  If you would like to be notified when it is available, please send an email to with the subject "CAB-LAB 4".

Cab-Lab 3 is a powerful IR mixer and toolbox. For decades, artists, producers and engineers have been crafting tone using a mixer to blend the sounds of different mics or speakers. Cab-Lab allows you to use this same process, combining up to 8 individual IRs, auditioning the results in real time as you mix, and saving the result as a new User Cab IR for use in your own presets. 

The mixer in Cab-Lab 3 goes beyond simple combining, with tools to process, trim, filter, smooth and adjust phase. You can even listen in real time while you adjust faders, whether using the Standalone version and an audio interface (including the Axe-Fx III or II), or the Plugin version in your DAW to process live or pre-recorded material. The Standalone version also includes tools to help you capture with your Axe-Fx III or II, or convert/batch process IRs, making it an exceptionally valuable component of a complete IR workflow. Either way, Cab-Lab gives you the tools you need to create your own signature tonesand delivers the high quality results you have come to expect from Fractal Audio Systems. 

Cab-Lab does not include any Cab IR files. You cannot extract these from your Fractal Audio Systems hardware product such as the Axe-Fx, FM3, AX8, etc. We offer Cab IR Packs for sale here in this store.


Cab-Lab 3 requires activation using the free iLok License Manager from The manager allows you to activate Cab-Lab WITH or WITHOUT a physical iLok "dongle" but you will need an Internet connection. Simply install the free manager and select "Redeem Activation Code" from the "Licenses" menu. Paste or type your activation code. Codes are emailed from Fractal Audio Systems within one business day of your order. Please activate the plugin PRIOR to launching your DAW or you may need to re-scan plugins after activating. It's actually very easy... 



  • IRs created with Cab-Lab 3.0 Standalone are compatible with the Axe-Fx III or II (all models) and AX8. 
  • SEND TO SCRATCH PAD and SEND TO USER CAB features allow you to transmit mixes directly to the Axe-Fx III or Axe-Fx II (all models running FW 13 or newer) and AX8. 
  • LIVE MODE can use the USB audio capability or the Axe-Fx III or II (all models running FW 13.0 or newer) so you can hear mix changes in realtime. 
  • The AX8 does not support USB Audio, so to use LIVE MODE, you need to connect it through a 3rd party audio interface (be sure to bypass the cab block in your test preset!) 
  • IRs created using the Cab-Lab plugin are compatible with the Axe-Fx III or II (all models) and the AX8. 


  • 2.0 GHz or higher processor 
  • 2GB RAM minimum, 4GB or higher recommended 
  • Internet connection required for activation 
  • iLok License Manager and an account free at 


  • Intel Processor 
  • OSX 10.6 or higher (10.9 recommended for Axe-Fx USB Audio.) 
  • PLUGIN: 64-bit AU or VST capable host software. 


  • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista 
  • PLUGIN: 64- or 32-bit VST capable host software 

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  • 5
    Cab3 bundle

    Posted by jimmy norris on 7th May 2022

    Easy to use, and has everything I need!

  • 4
    Cab Lab 3 Bundle

    Posted by Ahmed Abdel-Samad on 24th Apr 2021

    Ofc it's the best app/plugin to import & customize .wav impulse responses to our beloved Fractal beasts. The conversion process is honest & works like magic with all our favorite IR libraries. The only lacking feature when working with multiple impulses is the ability to virtually play with the mic positions & panning as utilitzed in the STL Libra plugin, u only get the choice of either serial or parallel routing in Cab Lab 3. If this missing feature is implemented in future updates then I'd comfortably say that Cab Lab 3 is the king of the IR realm. PS. Will there be any future .aax versions for Pro Tools? I surely hope so. Thx 4 listening guys. Cheers, Ahned