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We now offer a selection of high quality cables for use with your Fractal Audio Systems products.

TRS-to-TRS Expression Pedal / Relay Cable FAS Humbuster Cable
FAS Humbuster Cable
Direct Price: $19.99
High quality TRS-to-TRS expression pedal cable perfect for connecting the EV-1 (or any TRS expression pedal) to the Axe-Fx, FX8, MFC-101 (or any compatible MIDI controller). Humbusterâ„¢ cables help reduce noise caused by ground loops when used with the special outputs of the Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II or FX8. These cables have a nice flexible feel and color-coded, high quality heat-shrinked endplugs.

For additional cable types besides those listed here, we are pleased to refer you to Best-Tronics.