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FM9 Turbo - Amp Modeler / Multi-FX / Floor Unit - Wait List Only

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1 unit
IMPORTANT: This product is for only for customers with an official purchase invitation. Any unauthorized orders will be cancelled. 


Fractal Audio's FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor is now the FM9 Turbo, with 10+% more DSP power.

We created the Turbo to sidestep semiconductor supply chain issues, but we're confident that its superior price/performance ratio will be met with great enthusiasm.

The Turbo version allows more complex presets that would exceed the limits of the standard FM9. Aside from power, the two versions are identical.

The new FM9 from Fractal Audio Systems is an all-in-one amp modeler, effects processor, foot controller, audio interface—and more—designed for professional use and personal enjoyment. With four DSP cores, the FM9 is the most powerful floor unit ever produced by Fractal Audio, and it features an impressive list of technologies and features from the award-winning Axe-Fx III, FM3, and FC Controllers. Highlights include our industry-leading amp modeling, UltraRes™ IR speaker cab simulation, a suite of stompbox and studio effects, expandable FC foot switching, incredibly flexible I/O, 8x8 USB audio interface capabilities, a world-class Mac/PC editor, and more.

Please note: Due to high demand, the FM9 may take an additional 1-3 business days to ship.

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  • 5

    Posted by Hector on 2nd Sep 2022

    After having played the AX8 and FM3 for years now and knowing how good there modelers are, I was somewhat skeptical about how much better this unit can get and my response is WOW! This FM9 turbo is an absolute beast! The additional DSP in the turbo is an absolute game changer and allows the user to sculpt tones even more. Definitely the best floor modeler in the market. Is was definitely worth the wait. 100% recommended!

  • 5
    FM9 Turbo

    Posted by Randall Schultz on 27th Aug 2022

    As usual....... Fractal does not disappoint.!

  • 5
    FM9 Turbo

    Posted by Mike St-Laurent on 26th Aug 2022

    Absolutely insane! So worth the wait! I’ve owned every Modeler from Headrush to Boss to Helix and most recently the FM3. This unit is by far the best. By far.

  • 5
    Best modeler on the planet.

    Posted by Tracey L Trest on 7th Dec 2021

    FM9 is the best.

  • 5

    Posted by Jonathan on 3rd Dec 2021

    This unit is just amazing. I have an FM3 and got on the waitlist for this to see if it was worth the money to upgrade myself. The sounds are great, very responsive to different guitars, having the ability to have multiple signal chains, to the point of having two guitars going to 2 separate chains of amps, cabs and effects simultaneously adds huge convenience to recording and live performance I've been searching for in a digital unit.

  • 5

    Posted by Donnie Konkle on 30th Nov 2021

    a brilliant packaged deal, almost the Axe FX III on the floor >>>>the best modeler out there. All you need !!!!!!!!

  • 5
    I've been waiting months for this!

    Posted by Korhan Bircan on 30th Nov 2021

    I've been a Fractal Audio fan for many years and owned an FX-8, AX-8, AxeFX II XL+, and when I heard about the FM9, I sold them all, because this beast can do it all and much more!

  • 5
    In a Word: Insane

    Posted by Rich on 25th Nov 2021

    Purchased this recently to replace my AxeFX II. I heard YouTube and SoundCloud clips and thought: The FM9, FM3 and Axe III all sound good, but I wonder what they sound like IN the room, live, in person? For me, the answer was: Amazing. I can 100% hear the difference between the FM9 and my old Axe II. Dialling in my sound was even easier than it was on the Axe II. I typically play a bit of rock, blues and ambient music and this unit hasn't let me down at all.

  • 5
    Really quite good

    Posted by Derek on 1st Nov 2021

    Nice-looking device. The screen is beautiful. I love the scribble strips. The right number of footswitches for me, and the overall size is 'just right.' Sounds great and with the editor software, it's easy to get around and manipulate it. The effects, as usual, are top-notch.