MFC-Edit - Software Editor for the MFC-101 - Mac

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MFC-EDIT makes it easier than ever to edit your MFC-101

From the comfort of your MAC, Windows or Linux computer you'll manage:

  • Songs
  • Sets
  • Instant Access Switches
  • Presets
  • External Switches and Pedals
  • Internal CCs
  • ProgramChange Maps
  • Axe-FX Preset Transmit Maps
  • MIDI channels and settings
  • Custom Midi Messages
  • Performance Modes and Banks
  • ... and everything else the MFC-101 can do

Here's a recommended WORKFLOW for MFC-EDIT:
  • Dump a file from your MFC-101 to the computer using MFC-Edit (in the Tools menu) or Fractal Bot
  • Transmit the file immediately back to the MFC-101 to make sure that the bi-direction communication between computer and MFC-101 is flawless. If you have any problems with this you must resolve them before going any further. Once that is working reliably ...
  • Launch MFC-Edit and open the file you dumped
  • Go to the SONGS tab first and add about six songs - enter only the first Preset of each song
  • Go to the SETS tab and choose the songs in a particular order for a "Set"
  • Rename the Set by double-clicking the column header - you can enter up to 7 characters
  • Save the file or Save As to save it to a different name
  • Transmit the file back to the MFC-101 using Fractal Bot
  • Make sure that your SONGS and SETS (if you're using them) exist on the MFC-101 by pressing the Edit->Setup->Page-Right (#7) switches on your MFC-101. Pressing the UP and DOWN switches should scroll through your sets and you should see the Set Name that you entered. If you don't, recheck each step.
  • Assuming that is all good, I would then use the Axe-Edit program (not MFC-Edit) to export your Axe-Fx Presets to a text file using Tools->Export As Text->Presets, then from the MFC-Edit (not Axe-Edit) File menu select Import Axe-Fx Presets and import the file you just exported from Axe-Edit. This will aid you greatly configuring your MFC-101 because it will display the actual Axe-Fx Preset names that your MFC-101 settings are pointing to.
  • If your MFC-101 is not connected to your computer, or you just want to poke around MFC-Edit without hooking up the MFC-101, MFC-Edit comes sample dumps from a working MFC-101 to play with.
  • REMEMBER - MFC-Edit has both it's own and the MFC-101 Owner's Manuals accessible from the Help menu, and there are always helpful "Nuggets" available almost everywhere by right-clicking on the element you're interested in.