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DynaCab Pack - 2x12 Class-A 30W

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Unlock great tone with DynaCab™ Packs

DynaCab™ Pack 2x12 Class-A 30W is based on a 1963 Vox AC30 2x12 combo loaded with original JMI Alnico Silver Bell speakers. This cab includes our standard DynaCab microphone collection, plus SIX bonus mics!

This pack provides the following selection of microphones:

  • Condenser 023 based on the Soyuz™ 023 BOMBLET™
  • Condenser 87 based on the Neumann™ U87
  • Dynamic 57 based on the Shure™ SM57
  • A second capture of the Dynamic 57, turned off-axis 
  • Dynamic 58 based on the Shure™ SM58
  • Dynamic 421 based on the Sennheiser™ MD421
  • Dynamic SM7 based on the Shure™ SM7B
  • Ribbon 313 based on the Shure™ KSM313/NE
  • Ribbon 121 based on the Royer™ R-121
  • Ribbon 160 based on the Beyerdynamic™ M160
  • Condenser LOL67 based on the ADK™ C-LOL 67
  • Condenser Munich based on the ADK™ T-FET Munich M7

Easy and Intuitive visual tone shaping

DynaCab™ technology transforms the experience of finding your tone. Instead of cycling through countless IRs, the visual, intuitive Cab-Lab 4 interface allows you to select your desired speaker cab and mic, then easily adjust the position and distance until you achieve your desired tone.

For decades, artists, producers, and engineers have carefully positioned and mixed mics on guitar speaker cabs in the pursuit of great tone. DynaCab™ replicates this process in a revolutionary way, allowing you to hear results in real-time while graphically moving a virtual mic on a virtual speaker. Compared to previous techniques, DynaCab™ makes it faster, easier, and more intuitive to find the tone you’re looking for.

Key features include:

  • DynaCab™ IRs are 8192 samples.
  • Fine spatial resolution sampling for mic positions.
  • Combine up to four DynaCab™ selections or mics per mix.
  • Automatic time alignment for mix-and-match flexibility at any mic distance.

Important Information

  • DynaCab Packs require Cab-Lab 4, our free IR mixer and tools application/plugin.
  • An internet connection is required for installation and authorization on a Mac/PC.
  • DynaCab Packs do not add new DynaCabs inside the Cab block. Instead, they are opened using Cab-Lab 4 to create and save custom mix IRs into "User Cab" slots on the hardware, offering enhanced flexibility and a wider range of sonic options compared to onboard Dynacabs.
  • Cab-Lab 4 connects directly to Axe-Fx III, FM9, and FM3 for saving mixes to a user cab slot and can export files for Axe-Fx II or AX8
  • "Software Live Mode" in Cab-Lab 4 allows live mix monitoring via any compatible audio interface.
  • Cab-Lab 4 functions as a VST/AU Plugin to "Re-Cab" live or recorded amp tracks and is compatible with other modeling plugins.

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2. There are no returns on Cab-Pack purchases.