DynaCab Pack - 2x12 Double Verb

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Unlock great tone with DynaCab™ Packs

DynaCab™ Pack 2x12 Double Verb is based on a vintage 1968 Fender™ blackface Twin™ combo loaded with original Fender speakers.

This pack provides the following selection of microphones:

  • Condenser 023 based on the Soyuz™ 023 BOMBLET™
  • Condenser 87 based on the Neumann™ U87
  • Dynamic 57 based on the Shure™ SM57
  • Dynamic SM7 based on the Shure™ SM7B
  • Ribbon 313 based on the Shure™ KSM313/NE
  • Ribbon 121 based on the Royer™ R-121
  • DynaCab™ Technology

Easy and Intuitive visual tone shaping

For decades, artists, producers, and engineers have carefully positioned and mixed mics on guitar speaker cabs in the pursuit of great tone. DynaCab™ replicates this process in a revolutionary way, allowing you to hear results in real-time while graphically moving a virtual mic on a virtual speaker. Compared to previous techniques, DynaCab™ makes it faster, easier, and more intuitive to find the tone you’re looking for.

DynaCab™ technology transforms the experience of finding your tone. Instead of cycling through countless IRs, the visual, intuitive Cab-Lab 4 interface allows you to select your desired speaker cab and mic, then easily adjust the position and distance until you achieve your desired tone.

Key features include:

  • Full 2048-sample DynaCab™ IRs.
  • Fine spatial resolution sampling for mic positions.
  • Combine up to four DynaCab™ selections or mics per mix.
  • Automatic time alignment for mix-and-match flexibility at any mic distance.


  • DynaCab Packs require Cab-Lab 4, our free IR mixer and tools application/plugin.
  • Cab-Lab 4 can connect directly to Axe-Fx III, FM9, and FM3, and can export files for Axe-Fx II and AX8.
  • Cab-Lab 4 allows "Software Live Mode" monitoring via any compatible audio interface.

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2. There are no returns on Cab-Pack purchases.

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    Very good

    Posted by Fernando Matias on 22nd Nov 2023

    Very nice