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Red Sound MF.10 - 10-inch Passive FRFR Cabinet

Price: $1,099.00
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The Red Sound MF.10 Passive is a full-range, flat response ("FRFR") non-powered speaker cabinet for both live performance and studio use. It is designed to be used in a stereo pair with the MF.10 Active but can also be used on its own with a separate power amp.

The MF.10 Passive features a high-performance Red Sound by SICA® exponential driver with a custom 10-inch woofer and coaxial high-frequency driver. The benefits of this design become evident when compared to devices with a separate tweeter, which can cause phase issues around the crossover frequency — a particularly critical area for FRFR guitar.

Pair with the MF.10 Active for a ready-to-play FRFR Stereo rig that provides superior sound quality paired with the authentic experience of an amplifier behind you.

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