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Axe-Fx III MKII Preamp/FX Processor

Price: $2,299.99
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The Axe-Fx III is the latest in our line of the worlds most powerful all-in-one processors for guitar, bass, and other instruments. This new model offers our latest "CYGNUS" amp modeling technology, thousands of UltraRes speaker cab simulations, and state-of-the-art effect algorithms, all backed with more raw power and feature upgrades than any Fractal Audio product before. Our vision was to take the Axe-Fx to a whole new level: to create a totally redesigned platform that sounds better, does more, and is easier to use. Equipped with four processors, the Axe-Fx III contains more raw processing power than any guitar product ever made, by far.

The hardware of the Axe-Fx III was designed around a streamlined new workflow. The centerpiece is a dazzling new high-contrast full-color display with 30x the resolution of previous products. This display works alongside five new endless-rotary push encoders. These push-knobs do different things on different pages, with labels to show dynamic functions. The end result is a user experience thats immediately more intuitive. The display also excels at animation for meters, modifiers, and more.

Better sound quality has been achieved through an audiophile-grade signal path. The difference shines through in lower noise floor, pristine clarity, and better USB audio performance than most dedicated audio interfaces. Computer audio integration now includes a professional-quality 24-bit/48k 88 interface. Record multiple tracks of processed audio at the same time, plus a DI. The re-amping workflow is improved with independent monitoring of backing tracks and re-processed guitar tones while you dial in a sound.Physically, the Axe-Fx III continues our tradition of combining extraordinary design with manufacturing quality rugged enough to withstand the rigors of life on the road. The unit is housed in a steel enclosure with a one-piece anodized aluminum faceplate/bezel featuring a glowing Axe-Fx III logo.

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  • 5

    Posted by Greg Senko on 15th Nov 2023

    This is the 3rd Axe-Fx rack unit I have owned over the years. I recently spent a few years using Helix products (Helix, LT and Stomp). The ease of using Axe-edit and the ultra-realistic amp and pedal emulations of Axe-fx 3 can't be beat!!!

  • 5
    Fractal fx3

    Posted by Henry on 1st Nov 2023

    The fractal Audio company has created a true game changer accurately capturing the sound of all real life components creating the sound of the ultimate rig was always of what type music or genre of music you enjoy playing the fractal fx3 will force the pass any of your expectations, don't take my word for it look how many bands that have been doing this since the early 80s like myself that have switched over. You can truly capture a true accurate tone of some of the most iconic guitar rigs out there that's why you see the people of the lakes of Metallica from rush to John Petrucci and so many others too many to list have made this investment whether it's for home enjoyment or Studio purposes this is an absolutely lethal tool to have in your oursel essentially you're talking millions of dollars worth of guitar equipment and effects to own what is in the one machine you would need a house to store everything from the vast amplifier Library stunning cabinet captors even down to the finest details of Mike location and speakers as well as very very in-depth tuning of each and every individual effect leave this machine navigating the Seas leaving all others tumbling in the wake the proof is in the tone

  • 5
    Axe fx lll MKll

    Posted by Frederick on 24th Oct 2023

    Awsome addition to my Home Recording Studio

  • 5
    Fractal FXIii

    Posted by Ken on 2nd Oct 2023

    Awesome, better than I expected. Just getting started but I am super excited.

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew Huyler on 27th Sep 2023

    I’m not typically one to review products, but the Axe FX has been such a game changer in my rig that I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re on the fence, just take a chance and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • 5
    Yep. That is it.

    Posted by Daniel on 22nd Sep 2023

    After you get into this... no way back. I sold everything else. This does it all.

  • 5
    GOATED. Blows Everything Else Away

    Posted by Dan on 16th Sep 2023

    I debated whether to give the Axe FX3 Mark 2 four or five stars. If I could, I would give it 4.5 for 2 reasons; one is MASSIVELY important & the other is trivial (No USB cable included. For 2800 bucks, I think you should include a freaking USB cable). The other reason has to do with the lack of 0% financing options other than 6 months through Paypal. When you are dropping US$2800, it is nice to have options to spread that out over 12, 24, 36, or 48 months. GC allowed me to own all of the gear I have ever wanted simply because of their gear card. Imagine spreading 2800 over 24 months; its manageable. Most people would be able to buy one. I was lucky I had a card with 16 months of 0% interest to put this thing on. Financing aside, this thing is worth EVERY PENNY. The amount of tweaking available is, like Gwen Stefani said, BANANAS. The quality is ridiculous. I own a Helix & love it. But while I've been a Line 6 owner for ever, Axe FX3 eats Helix & defecates Line 6. Absolutely monstrous right out of the box. My favorite effect has to be the Pitch virtual capo. The quality of the tracking & result of detuning say a Les Paul in Drop D to Drop F, is top notch. The high gain models are god damn near identical to a 3000 dollar rig of Mesa Rectifiers. Even Metallica said enough of carrying thousands of pounds of gear. Fractal, make us a preset (0014 recto 1). If you can afford it or have the ability to get a 0% interest credit card for 12-21 months, BUY THE FRACTAL. Hell, you can sell the rest of your physical gear later on to finance the payments because you won't need them anymore. 5/5 stars as far as build quality, sound quality, versatility. 2/5 stars as far as the economics are concerned. Fractal, you would sell a lot more units if you had additional financing options.

  • 5
    Axe-FX III Mark II Turbo

    Posted by T. Scott Barrick II on 14th Sep 2023

    This is the most eye watering, awe inspiring piece of guitar equipment I have ever seen or felt. The Axe-FX III Mark II Turbo can do it all and more by having great factory presets that will inspire an enormous amount of creativity right out of the box, not to mention all the analog and digital routing it offers. This new version is an 8 stereo channel I/O sound card via USB 2 at 24/48k and all of those analog inputs and outputs are ready for whatever you want to throw at them; FX loops, MIDI synth/mobile PC in (no more line mixer needed here), power amp out (to passive FRFR or a PA in my usage), secondary 24/96k sound card inject, reamping, etcetera… an endless TRUE STEREO signal path of routing options via blocks in the preset that put the sweetest cherry on top of this amazing amplifier modelling cake. Truly a work of unsurpassed art and passion for the guitar and its player!

  • 5
    Nothing on the Market compares to the AXE lll

    Posted by Ed Q on 11th May 2023

    Just purchased the AXE lll. What to say, you will never look at amps the same way again. It's "the best" on the market. If you on the fence due to price, just wait and save up. You will spend more over time buying amps and effects and still not have the flexibility. I did it.......