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Axe-Fx III MKII Preamp/FX Processor

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NOV 26, 2022: The Axe-Fx III is temporarily SOLD OUT. We expect to restock during December 2022. To be notified when a unit is available for you, please email with the subject "Axe-Fx III Wait List". We will email you when your name comes to the top of the list. 

A NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: This waitlist is for the US and CANADA only. Customers in other regions should contact one of our global dealers.



The Axe-Fx III is the latest in our line of the worlds most powerful all-in-one processors for guitar, bass, and other instruments. This new model offers our latest "CYGNUS" amp modeling technology, thousands of UltraRes speaker cab simulations, and state-of-the-art effect algorithms, all backed with more raw power and feature upgrades than any Fractal Audio product before. Our vision was to take the Axe-Fx to a whole new level: to create a totally redesigned platform that sounds better, does more, and is easier to use. Equipped with four processors, the Axe-Fx III contains more raw processing power than any guitar product ever made, by far.

The hardware of the Axe-Fx III was designed around a streamlined new workflow. The centerpiece is a dazzling new high-contrast full-color display with 30x the resolution of previous products. This display works alongside five new endless-rotary push encoders. These push-knobs do different things on different pages, with labels to show dynamic functions. The end result is a user experience thats immediately more intuitive. The display also excels at animation for meters, modifiers, and more.

Better sound quality has been achieved through an audiophile-grade signal path. The difference shines through in lower noise floor, pristine clarity, and better USB audio performance than most dedicated audio interfaces. Computer audio integration now includes a professional-quality 24-bit/48k 88 interface. Record multiple tracks of processed audio at the same time, plus a DI. The re-amping workflow is improved with independent monitoring of backing tracks and re-processed guitar tones while you dial in a sound.Physically, the Axe-Fx III continues our tradition of combining extraordinary design with manufacturing quality rugged enough to withstand the rigors of life on the road. The unit is housed in a steel enclosure with a one-piece anodized aluminum faceplate/bezel featuring a glowing Axe-Fx III logo.

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  • 5
    Love this new unit!

    Posted by John Sadie on 8th Feb 2023

    I have a room full of guitar pedals and own both a Line6 Helix Rack and BOSS GT-1000. It's been a fun journey trying all these different guitar effects. I love this Axe-FX III! It really sounds great, and Axe Edit is a great tool for working with it. Great built-in presets and the effects are immediately usable when adding them to the effects chain. Wish I would have purchased this years ago. Could have saved money in the long run.

  • 5
    Axe Fx III Mark II Turbo

    Posted by Shimon Dayan on 22nd Nov 2022

    Amazing sounds pro my main guitar studio tool.

  • 5
    Axe-FX III Turbo

    Posted by Darrell on 14th Sep 2022

    Incredible function, incredible value. Hundreds of amps and effects that are used by some of the most respected professionals. Modeling is the future, and having access to this many features for this price is remarkable. Check it out.

  • 5
    AxeFX3 Mk2

    Posted by Mike Masino on 3rd Sep 2022

    I started out really skeptical that I was going to like this thing. I had played through a friends AXEFX2 and was not super impressed. So I put aside time and made a plan on exactly what I wanted test to make sure I could send it back in time for a refund if it did not work out. Before getting this I had never used a modeling amp (for anything I would currently use one of my tube amps for) so my point of reference has been always playing tube amps (68 Plexi 50w, 5150, 5153 100S). My goal was to downsize, simplify, and lighten my rig. I was assuming that I was going to have to weigh the compromises in sound of not using my amp heads and see if it was worth the trade off. That did not turn out to be the case at all. To get a base point I was used to playing through, I set up my current 5153 100s head (blue channel) through an EVH 2x12 cab. I also set up the 5153 100w (blue channel) model in the AxeFX going into a Matrix1000gt into a second EVH 2x12 cab (I wanted to see how close I could get to the same tone through the same cabs). I was really surprised at how fast I was able to get the model to sound very close to the head. I was assuming I would not be able to get the same tight low end thump in the room I was getting from the amp head but was completely wrong. I did the same for my other two amp heads with the same results. With what I learned figuring out how to get my main sounds dialed in it was really easy to start building new tones (using the PC app). I was able to get ALL of the tones I was currently using (with all 3 amp heads) in one preset (8 scenes) that I can easily switch between at shows. Tips: 1) I initially went with FC-6 as it smaller and I was thinking more portable. I ended up sending that back and getting the FC-12 instead. I set up the FC-6 to do so everything I wanted but the first show that I did with it was a little challenging. I had to remember how I set everything up (I had to use both the tap and the hold features of most of the buttons to do everything I needed too). The FC-12 just did exactly what I needed out of the box without having to think about it while playing. I think for recording or just home jamming I would have no doubt kept the FC-6 but for shows the extra money the FC-12 costs is totally worth it for me. (just something to keep in mind). 2) Remember that an amp AND it's knob settings = 1 channel (A,B,C,D) in a preset. I am not sure why I did not get this initially and spent a lot of time chasing down levels. Set your amp level where you want it and fine tune it with the output level sliders. 3) I am used to being able to adjust my amp knobs and knobs on my pedalboard quickly while playing depending on the room we are in. I wrote down what knobs I regularly adjust on the amp and the pedal board and set up a performance controls preset. It works much better than trying to see my amp/pedal knobs in the dark. 4) I was on the wait list for getting the FM9. I ended up going with AXEFX3 instead. After thinking about the cabling of how each of these units would work with what I currently have the rack mount ended up being the obvious way to go. My wireless (Guitar and In Ears) is in the rack along with the Matrix power amp. Everything stays wired in the rack so setup and tear down takes no time at all. To sum up: After using this for around 3 weeks (at home, at practice, and 2 shows so far) there is no way I would go back to dragging my amp heads, load boxes, large pedal board, etc... around. I have not found any of the disadvantages with this unit so far that I thought would be there. It is super nice to be able to practice on my full rig with headphones. I would absolutely recommend trying one of these out.

  • 5
    Best guitar amp I ever bought

    Posted by Fabien COSTANTINI on 19th Jul 2022

    From careful packaging and QA inspection to marvelous sounds and seemless software installation, this unit does not fail its promises. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Axe Fx III

    Posted by Karen Robb on 14th Jul 2022

    I have owned and used the Axe-Fx III Mk 1 exclusively for the pat 3.5 years, both live and at home. I waited to review because my experience with modelers had long periods of happiness with the tone that faded to contentment and eventually tolerance. At that point I would go back to amps and pedals, a trend that went on for several years. I eventually got to the point that I swore I would never use another modeler. While I could get some good tones out of them, they never felt the same as an amp. I ended up needing a modeler for fly dates and wound up with the AX8, another story for another time but that experience led me to the Axe-Fx III. Bottom line, the tonal consistency and quality of the sounds from the AX8 was something that, quite frankly, surprised me and something I couldn’t deny. After a couple of years, I was in a position to put together a “professional” rig and decided the Axe III was the best option. While the AX8 was great, when the Axe III was released, there were some reverb algorithms and blocks added that made it easy to justify ‘upgrading’. One of the biggest updates was to the Cab block, adding the ability to blend up to 4 IRs, which is something I used to do with Cab Lab but the Axe III has made it so much easier. I have owned some great amps and pedals, and am fully committed to using whatever gear provides the best tones possible regardless of size, weight or convenience. After 3.5 years, the Axe-Fx III continues to provide everything I want or need without compromising any part of my tone. I can’t say enough about the quality of the amp tones and effect sounds this unit is capable of but what’s continually blowing me away is the feel and response. The dynamics of a ‘real’ amp are definitely there! It does not feel like I’m playing through a digital device, I simply to not miss playing through a physical amp and cab. The last thing I want to mention is the relentless support and commitment FAS has to making the Axe III the best modeler on the market and ensuring a great experience for their customers. The innovations and features they develop, and offer in free updates, is mind blowing as is their prompt response to any issues a customer experiences.

  • 5
    Fractal Axe Fx-III

    Posted by Craig Kulcsar on 29th Jun 2022

    I recently purchased the AXE FX-III. Its definitely the best modeler on the market as of current, the presets it comes with sound very good right out of the box. Theres an appetite for destruction preset (guns n roses), available on the forum that sounds identical to the album. I have a marshall 2555x and the fractal sounds closer to the album tone than my Marshall does. I was needless to say very surprised. The software is pretty easy to use for it. Theres a lot of instructional videos on YouTube to help learn the system. The only suggestion I can come up with is on the computer program side. It would help if there's a UI that is a bit more visual. I have a two notes captor and there's an actual image of a speaker cab with the mics on the computer user interface. Its helpful for setting up the mic positioning. A more visual UI would be a great addition to the current fractal interface. Also a roland SRV 2000 effect would be a great addition as well to the effects section. I would most certainly recommend the product to others.

  • 5

    Posted by Nicholas M Todorow on 21st Jun 2022

    What a great processor, Will enjoy for many years.

  • 5
    Limitless Tone

    Posted by Djerek Kayzakian-Rowe on 7th Jun 2022

    The thing with the Axe-FX III is, there's nothing you can't do with it. Whatever your ideal tone is or whatever your weird, complicated effects routing is, it's right there. No matter what weird thing you want to do with your tone, you can absolutley do it with the unit; it's basically a Bod Bradshaw system in a box, with complete accuracy. It's not like having some dim facsimile of your favorite tube amp, pedal, or effect; it acts just like the real thing. Every kind of IR you could need is also included, plus room for a ton more, if you have favorites you already like. And everything, from the amps, to the ODs, to the IRs, to everything else, is tweakable beyond measure. The Jose Arredondo mod? It's there as a switch you can add to any amp. The Shred mode on John Petrucci's Mark Series amp? It's there for any amp, not just his model! You want to alter the Negative Feedback circuit in any amp? It's a dial present for all of them. You want to hook up virtually to an AC30 but want the power amp to respond as if it were hooked up to a Marshall Basketweave? It's right there. Not to mention, some of the amps are modelled from great guitarists who've lent their gear for that purpose, including Dweezil Zappa, Alex Lifeson, and John Petrucci. I hesitated for a long time before buying, because this is an enormous amount of money for me to spend on anything for myself, but now, having had the unit for a long time, I feel like it's more than paid for itself for what it does for me. I've been so busy in tone heaven, I just now realized I had forgotten ever to review it. I regret nothing about this purchase. It leaves me completely able to get whatever I'm looking for in the world of tone, so much so I never pine after any particular amp any more, I just dial it up, and if I feel like it, mod it to hell and back. With the mods available, you can basically make your own amp, tweaking so deeply the thing becomes unrecognizable, and perfectly fitting your guitar and your playing style. There's a world of stuff to learn with the unit, but you can also use it simply and effectively, just as you would the real thing. Whether you like using other people's presets, buying professional ones, or just setting an amp's controls just like the real thing with no modding, it's still easy and great sounding. On top of that, new features are added regularly, often from requests from customers through the invaluable Fractal forum. To me this really leaves any other guitar gear in the dust. I don't know of any other company that updates their gear so often, with so many many new features. I'm glad I bought it.