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X-Load LB-2 Load Box

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Now: $299.99
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The LB-2 is currently OUT OF STOCK. To be notified when it becomes available, please send an email to with the subject "LB-2".
The LB-2 is an 8 ohm device. Be sure to connect its Amp In jack to the proper output on your amplifier to avoid damage. Mismatching impedance can result in damage to your amp. The maximum power rating of the LB-2 is 100W. Do not connect the LB-2 to any amplifier that is rated greater than 100W as this can damage the unit and/or the amp.

The X-Load LB-2 Load Box represents the pinnacle of speaker emulation technology for live use or recording. It allows you to use a traditional tube amp without connecting a speaker cabinet. The X-Load LB-2 provides an 8 load (100W maximum) while outputting a balanced or unbalanced line level signal.

Unlike other load boxes and attenuators the X-Load LB-2 uses Fractal Audio Systems' Dynamic Impedance technology to create a level of realism never achievable before. Record your amp in its sweet spot without deafening volume, or get great tone consistently without the hassles of a speaker cab and microphone setup.

It is important to note that the X-Load LB-2 does NOT simulate the characteristic sound of a loudspeaker. This is done by routing your DI Amp signal through speaker simulation hardwarelike that found in our award-winning Axe-Fx or AX8 productsor software, like our Cab-Lab application/plugin.

The X-Load LB-2 features a Speaker Thru jack so you can connect a real speaker while also feeding line signal to a recorder or speaker simulator.

The Voicing switch shifts the resonance of the load. The UK setting is characteristic of the typical British guitar speaker, while the US position replicate the lower resonance of a typical American guitar speakers.

The product manual is available here.