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Cab Pack - AustinBuddy - Vintage Black & Tweed

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AustinBuddy - Vintage Black & Tweed

AustinBuddy's Vintage Black & Tweed - UltraRes Cab Pack contains 184 IRs produced for Fractal Audio Systems by AustinBuddy. This collection includes IRs of seven vintage speaker cabinets from the incredible collection of Austin Vintage Guitars plus one from Public Hi-Fi studio to give you a great variety of tones based on blackface and tweed-type amps, with a Quick Picks folder of 43 of AustinBuddys chosen best single mic captures.

User Cabs may be easily uploaded to your Axe-Fx or AX8 using Fractal-Bot, Axe-Edit, or Cab-Lab (which also works as a plugin with these IRs.) This pack also includes the high resolution .IR files required to create your own original multi-mic UltraRes mixes in Cab-Lab.

Reminder: it is illegal to share IR Mixes or Preset Bundles containing these or any commercial IRs.

Cabinets & Speakers

AustinBuddys Vintage Black & Tweed Cab Pack features eight speaker cabs:
  • Two Different 1950s era small-size Tweeds, based on an earlier (smaller) and later (slightly larger) Fender Tweed Champ with original speakers. Get your Duane, Eric, and Ronnie on!
  • Two Different 1950s era Deluxe Tweeds, based on an earlier (smaller) and later (slightly larger) Fender Tweed Deluxe, each with original speakers. If you love the sound of a vintage tweed amp (like Keef does), youll love these IRs.
  • Two 1950s era Tweed 1X15 amps, one based on a Fender Pro-Amplifier and the other based on a Fender Bandmaster, filling out the Tweed sound with more low mids.
  • A 1960s era Blackface 2X10 with original 10 Jensen speakers, based on a Fender Blackface Vibrolux, one of the cleanest and best sounding Fender-style IRs AustinBuddy says he's ever heard!
  • A 1960s era Blackface 2X12 silver grill closed-back cab, based on a Fender Blackface Bassman cab with original Jensen speakers, owned by Spoon drummer Jim Eno and used in Public Hi-Fis studio.


  • Shure SM57Beyerdynamic M160
  • Royer R121
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Neumann U67

Each microphone was used on all speakers of all cabinets. They were positioned in a variety of locations, lis-tening and measuring to find "sweet spots". Different locations are marked with letters A, B, C and D, generally starting at the cap center and moving toward the cone edge.

This Cab Pack was produced by AustinBuddy along with Matt Gerhard as engineer and assisted in tracking room by Max Lorenzen at Public Hi-Fi Studios owned by Spoon drummer Jim Eno in Austin, Texas. A special thank you to Austin Vintage Guitars for making this possible!

Manufacturer and product names mentioned above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners,which are in no way associated or affiliated with Fractal Audio Systems. The names are used only to indicate sonic and performance characteristics.


1. This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product. Once your order is processed you will receive your download link via email within 1 business day. 

2. There are no returns on Cab-Pack purchases.

3. Cab Packs require a compatible Fractal Audio Systems product: 
     • Axe-Fx III, FM9, FM3    • Cab-Lab 4 - FREE standalone application/plugin    • Axe-Fx ii, AX8    • Cab-Lab 3